Why a Finger Lakes Luxury Vacation Rental Home Makes Sense

When it comes to finding temporary living accommodations for your vacation stay in the Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals in the Finger Lakes region there certainly is no shortage of choices. Many vacationers coming here for a visit automatically browse through numerous hotel listings, because that’s what people going on vacation typically do. But, if you’re a budget-minded person who relishes the idea of living in luxurious surroundings during your stay here, you should seriously consider switching from the usual hotel accommodations to Finger Lakes vacation rentals.

Experience Small Town Hospitality
Most of the hotels in this area are centered in cities. You’ll be dealing with all of the noise and traffic that goes with being located smack dab in a busy area. Depending on your stress level, this may or may not be ideal. Consider for a moment the peaceful serenity of a small village nestled near a glistening lake. Imagine residing in a vacation rental in the midst of small town America. The pace is slower and the air is breathable to the point where you wish you could bottle it up and take it back with you.
Townspeople are courteous and friendly. When you go out for a walk you can stroll around without being jostled or treated rudely. It’s easy to relax, blend in and just be one of the locals when you rent a vacation home in a small town.

Escape Shoebox Living
Most hotel rooms don’t give you much living space to move around in, regardless of how much it cost to stay there for one night. Even if you manage to book a fairly nice luxury hotel suite, there is no way it compares to the kind of roomy accommodations available in a real home.
Luxury vacation rental homes provide you with ample space to move from room to room so that you Skaneateles NY Vacation Rentalsdon’t feel cramped, unless you prefer shoebox living. Vacation homes have living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and plenty of storage space for your luggage.

More Privacy
A Finger Lakes vacation luxury home provides you with a higher level of privacy than hotel rooms. You have more freedom to do your own thing without worrying about complaints from guests in nearby rooms. This makes this type of rental a great choice for anniversary, birthday and wedding celebrations.

More Value and Luxury
When you compare hotels to Skaneateles vacation home rentals and look at things such as room space, meals, amenities and location, it’s plain to see that renting a vacation home is a wise choice for your budget. Dollar for dollar you simply get a much better experience for your money while staying in rental homes. Just being able to prepare your own meals like you do at home saves you a bundle in restaurant meal costs alone. Plus, there’s the added benefit of living near some of the Finger Lakes most scenic views.

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Come to Skaneateles Lake This Holiday Season

If you’re looking for gorgeous places to stay in the Finger Lakes area this winter, there is no better place to be than Skaneateles, NY. Not only is the Skaneateles Vacation village of Skaneateles picture perfect during this time of year (and by picture perfect we mean it looks like a winter wonderland), it happens to sit next to Skaneateles Lake from the proch of one of our luxury vacation rentals in Skaneateles, which is one of the five famed lakes that resemble fingers.

Who says you have to go to a ski resort in order to enjoy a winter vacation?

Not us. That’s for sure. Skaneateles is a small resort town that doesn’t actually feel like a resort. You might not know this, but back in its early days Skaneateles was a treasured resort escape for wealthy citizens who were looking for a vacation spot that had fun activities, but also allowed stressed souls to chill out and relax around natural beauty. As upstate New York grew in population, so did Skaneateles, and it lost its reputation as a formal resort town.


Everyone that visits this beautiful village is still able to marvel at the natural beauty of Skaneateles Lake and its surroundings. You see the real truth is that this bucolic village is still among the most treasured spots to vacation for those in the know. Hidden amongst tree-lined neighborhoods aSkaneateles Luxury Vacation Rentalre homes that serve one purpose: they offer visitors a place to kick back and relax in complete privacy.

When you come to Skaneateles you are able to live in comfort and anonymity as a visitor while living in one of our cozy Skaneateles luxury rentals. Move in for a few days, a week or longer. The locals here are friendly and welcome you to mix and mingle with townspeople. You can even stay in a home near the lake and wake up each morning to an exquisite lakefront view that is not possible in most other places.

The lake dominates part of this friendly village and everyone who stays here for even a short while feels Skaneateles Lake Viewits calm, ethereal presence. It won’t be long before you’ll be drawn to the lake to take a stroll, or to just sit and watch birds fly over this magnificent body of water. Water is very calming, and gazing at lake water is a good way to stimulate the daydreaming part of your mind.

You can close the door to your luxury rental home and sit by the fireplace, feeling it’s warmth as you relax in the living room reading a novel or watch TV. You can snuggle up close to the one you love and chat about the good things in life. Or, bring back bottles of Finger Lakes wine from local wineries and sip wine while chatting the night away with friends. At Skaneateles Lake, you can kick back and be yourself and not give a care about what the world thinks during your vacation stay.

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